Monday, 25 May 2009

Evenin all

Well, things have certainly hotted up round here! rushed off me little feets I am.

Not sure where I got to on my last post so I will just update on what we have at the moment.

Jenson has been released AGAIN, bless him, flew straight off and sat on top of the tawny owl aviary with Button :)

Licorice, Allsorts and the little one have all been released, also 3 of the Dunnocks, little one is still too small.

The two small pigeons are now outside with two collared doves and another juvenile pigeon.

We are now up to 95 so far this year, going round the hospital we have :-

2 baby crows, doing great
1 baby blackbird, got by a cat, bandaged up and on antibiotics
1 young collared dove, got by something and quite badly injured. On antibiotics and doing ok
1 baby pigeon, fell out of it's nest in our garden and ripped itself up quite badly. Bandaged up and on antibiotics
4 Ducklings, Piglet & co, all doing great, going out in a pen in the day time
3 Lapwing chicks, all doing great
Bo Peep, STILL being hand fed...gorgeous and in with her are a baby pigeon with a damaged wing, should be ok and a baby collared dove, mauled by a cat but fine now.
Ollie the Rook and Minstrel the magpie, both sharing a cage
Sandy the baby tawny owl from Sandringham, doing great and cute as they come
Two starlings, fab but still being hand fed
Four chaffinches, two sparrows and a greenfinch all sharing a big cage

Grand total as of today = 27 I think, the majority being hand fed !

Got some fab pics of Rik showering in the rain, I will post them as soon as I have downloaded them.

Sorry no pic on blog, I was moving cages around and cleaning them all day and by the time I wa sorted, it was nearly lights out time. I will see what I can rig up tomorrow, it may just be the baby crows who are adorable.

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