Monday, 4 May 2009

Two More

Adult Jackdaw came in yesterday in a terrible state. He has broken his bottom beak at the jawline and it is just hanging down so he can't eat or drink. Vets are closed till Tuesday so I have medicated him with painkillers and antibiotics. I am managing to feed him with difficulty but we are getting there. He likes rat pups apparently. Bit of a struggle but he is starting to trust me a little more which makes it a bit easier as I have to wrap him in a towel and pop bits of food into the back of his mouth for him to swallow.

I am not at all sure what the outcome will be when he sees the vet. It may be possible that the jaw can be pinned or glued but it is just as likely that he will have to be put to sleep but even if that it the case, at least he won't have starved to death.

Young Green Finch was brought in this morning with a cat bite. He doesn't seem too bad but is still very nervous. I have popped him in with the Dunnocks and he has taken a bit off food from me.

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