Monday, 11 May 2009

Bad Day

We lost one of the Peanuts this morning, down to three. We took the decision to leave them in the nest as we thought we may hurt them if we picked them up as they were so small...wrong move as it turned out. One of them had got his tiny foot caught in the bottom of the nest and it looks like he damaged it trying to pull loose. The infection spread up the leg and he died this morning :( :( :( :( They are now in a man made nest.

Really angry with myself for being so stupid.

We also had a horrible experience yesterday, the little doves have joined up with the tumbler pigeons and are spending a lot of time around the dovecotes. A sparrow hawk swept down and grabbed Button. Luckily, we were in the garden and managed to frighten him off and he dropped Button but he has injured his back and is very frightened. He is in the hospital on pain killers and antibiotics. I will keep you posted.

New additions today...a tiny duckling called Piglet. I have put him in with Bee to see if she with mother him. They are cuddled up together at the moment.

Also got in a Jackdaw with an injured wing.

All other babies doing well...what we thought were Bull finches have turned out to be Chaffinches and they have moved into a cage with a heat lamp. The cam is on them at the moment.

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  1. I will be praying for little Button. It breaks my heart that she had to go through such a trama. I love you Button.
    Sue B. from USA