Friday, 15 May 2009


Big apologies everyone, I have been so busy, I have neglected the blog and the cam but we have been a bit swamped.

We are really sad to report that we lost all of the peanuts. I have no idea what we did wrong but they all just faded away one after the other which was very stressful and caring for them took up a huge amount of time.

The "bullfinches" turned out to be chaffinches, all four doing really well as are the four dunnocks and the little greenfinch.

OK so an update on everyone:-

Bumble Bee (duck) is now outside and spending some supervised time with Donald who doesn't seem to realise she is a baby and keeps wanting to play grown up games :)

Licorice, Allsorts and Littleun, the blackies went out into the release pen today and should be there for a week or so prior to release.

We have two little starlings, still nestlings, doing fine

Another baby duck, Piglet, also doing fine

Jenson (not Button after all) is still in the hospital and wanting to be treated like a baby again but is getting better each day. He can fly again now but still a bit wobbly on his feet. the others are out in the garden still, waiting for Jenson.

Another young dove in, got by a cat but doing ok.

Bo Peep doing great and has two young wood pigeons in her cage with her now.

We have a Jackdaw who has hurt his wing also.

Ollie the baby rook is a delight as is is new friend, Minstrel, a baby magpie.

Amy the pigeon has been released and went off fine

Rik is great and I got an email from Kirsty and Craig, Winston (aka Neil) 's mum and dad saying he is great, along with some pics which I will post.

Micro and Georgie fab too so all is wll. just very busy. We have taken in 70 sa far this year !

Love to all,

Owl Momma & Eagle Beard xxxx


  1. AWWWW Love and good wishes to Jenson what rotten luck for him he has had an adventurous start to life...

  2. Sorry to hear about the peanuts You do amazing work and God knows how hard you tried to help them.

    God bless.

    Patty- USA (AP,Chicken Patty)