Monday, 18 May 2009

Getting Busy

Up to 82 now. Sadly, the little moorhen didn't make it through the night. It seemed to have something wrong with it's throat, couldn't swallow. RIP darling xxx

Going round the room, in the brooder we deck, the two tiny pigeons, both doing great now, and a young blackbird, cat cot him but seems ok. Bottom deck we have the most adorable creatures, two baby crows, baldies. If they are ok, I will put them on cam in a day or so, well funky dudes.

Then we have the two starling youngsters, also doing well. Baby pigeon which came in tonight, bigger than the other too but still a nestling. A cat bit this one too but I think she is ok.

Then we have the chaffinches, three of the sparrows went out into a cage outside today, the small sparrow and the greenfinch, all great.

Then Jenson and another young collared dove. Jenson doing great apart from the fact that he wants mummy to feed him again!

then we have the four ducklings, as you can see on the cam, they are fab. Then we have Minstrel, the baby Magpie who is the most adorable creature. Followed by Ollie the Rook, mischievous little devils and then a young pigeon, not quite weaned.

Bo Peep has two young wood pigeons for company, all great.

Think thats all today! 22 in total in the hospital


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