Thursday, 22 January 2009

Well that was right nice !

I just sat outside for a bit, I have a helper today cleaning the aviaries and it is a bit warmer today so took half an hour off.

Loads of our kids were out and about, Chips, Pin and loads of the pigeons and doves along with all the normal wildies. The muskateers are always there but I haven't seen d'Artangon the greenfinch for ages....then there they were, all four together....magic!


  1. Hey that's lovely, not seen all four in ages.
    Great to hear about the hospital too, and your daughter's biopsy, fantastic!
    Had another exam today, over half way now, just one week to go, woo!
    Hannah xx

  2. Hey you, just keep your little nose to the grindstone a bit longer :)
    Babies should be hatched and ready for snuggles by the time you get back over here then.