Monday, 26 January 2009

Only Good News Today

I released 3 kids today, weather forecast is good for the week and they were getting a bit restless.

Andrew, the other collared dove that came in just after him and one of the twinnie pigeons (2nd release for this one) Good luck little ones.

I also got an email from Rosemary this morning, she has released Hope, cheered on by all the family so that is four more out there today that wouldn't have been....Yaaaayyyyy, you go kids.

EB has set up a webcam on the bird feeding station so you can watch all last year's little ones having their dinner. We will probably run this one until the fluffy bums hatch towards the end of the week. Link top right of this page.

Other good news....well great news really, a company have agreed to donate a nursery brooder for all of the tinies. If you remember, I was trying to get one last year without success but at last, we will have one. The fluffy bums will be the first occupants, followed by whichever tinies come in.

Thank you very much, thoroughly nice people.

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