Saturday, 31 January 2009

How stressful is this!!!!!

OK, situation with the scops eggs is this.

Egg #1 is nearly at 60 hours and does not eem to be making any progress.

Egg #2 is at 48 hours and seems to be doing a bit better.

I have spoken to a lady called Jemima Parry-Jones who has hatched more bird of prey eggs than I have had hot dinners. I have done all this with bigger owl eggs but never with any so small so I thought I would ring and see what she would do.

Decision is this, I am going to feed the other birds then I am going to sit calmly and start helping #1 out of his shell. I will give him an air hole to start with in case his intake is restricted. If that doesn't get him going then I will start picking him out completely.

If the air hole goes ok with #1, and nothing else has happened with #2, I will do the same for that one.

Fingers crossed and wish us I now why they said these little guys were hard to rear!

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  1. Wow, certainly stressful, hope it goes well, good luck!
    Hannah xx