Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Let the show begin !!!!!

Well here we are in a new year...and what happens each year? why we get babies of course!

We are back live on Camstreams and the web cam is showing on the website too.

For your delectation, we have four eggs from White Faced Scops owls.

They are cutsies, for anyone who has been to the haven, they are the tiny grey jobbies.
The base of the incubator moves very slowly and so the eggs will not always be fully visible. However, once the first one starts to hatch, we will stop it turning and the cam will be pointed exclusively at said egg!

Although we aren't planning to rear many of our own baby owls this year, these are kind of special as we have been waiting for them for three years.

They are due to start hatching about the 25th Jan but we have set the cam up early in case of any glitches in the technical dept (EB)

We are going to hand rear them, fingers crossed, the fun is about to start again!

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