Saturday, 31 January 2009

Made holes in both eggs.

#1 is a lot happier now he has more air. He is trying to get out on his own but not doing very well lol.

#2 is also happier. She has blood inside her egg, must have nicked a vessel when she pipped and I think she may be stuck to the inside of the egg.
I am pretty sure I will have to get her out manually....C section lol.

#3 has now pipped also

I think the main problem is that the eggs are very hard, hardest I have ever come across...high calcium, must be feeding mum too well !!

Now that they have more air, we have to give them time for the blood vessels to dry up inside the membrane so it will be a while yet before they get out.

The followers on Camstreams are amazing, some have been watching right from the start of the hatching and are still waiting !

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