Thursday, 29 January 2009

More good news !

Well we have had a brilliant week for equipment donations.

The brooder arrived Wednesday and is great, all set up ready for babies. Then yesterday, I went to see a company about flooring for the hospital and he has very kindly donated enough non slip flooring for the whole hospital, complete with adhesive.

To top it all, a lovely guy came over today to discuss the cost of doing the roadway that runs through the haven with reject stone which we thought would be the cheapest option and bless his heart, he has said he will do it free of charge.

I am totally overwhelmed with the gifts, they will make such a difference from having to make do and mend.....thank you guys from the bottom of my heart xxx

Hospital is looking good, top coat of paint went on most of it today and it looks sunny and bright. EB is out there banging away making a new door frame as I type. Next thing is floor leveller, then our new flooring when it arrives next week and we can then start putting in the kitchen units.

Oh and a friend has given us a loo and basin ready for that bit and some other friends have given us a couple of almost new freezers!

Andrew and Twinnie pigeon are coming back most evenings and sleeping in the release pen which is really sweet. Everyone else is fine and dandy.

All in all, an uplifting week!

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  1. wow the good new can keep coming like this... Time you had some nice working conditions around you.
    Love from OB