Sunday, 29 March 2009

Start of the baby season !

We had two baby collared doves brought in this morning by a lady called Gillian. A Rook or Crow had taken them from their nest and then dropped them. One of them has a wound on it's side but I think it will be ok.

They are less than a week old by the looks of them, sweet little babies. We have them in the donated brooder and they are snuggly now. They have had two feeds and already, they are begging for food so getting the formula into them will be no problem.

Now they are warm and fed, they are very lively, snoozing between feeds but as soon as I open the door, they are up on their little feet.

EB is setting up the cam later today and we will be streaming them on the web during the day. I will try to feed on cam but we will have to see how we go.

I have to say that having the hospital is amazing, already it has made a huge difference. Having space, cages set up and everything to hand is wonderful, I love it. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to get it ready, especially EB who has worked his socks off to get it ready for the spring babies...we made it, just in time. We now have hot water, drainage and everything. Big Smiles from Owl Momma.

Kelly (our duck rescue helper) brought in a sick pigeon the other day and we all thought he had had his chips but after antibiotics and crop feeding he is looking much better. Very thin but I think he will be ok now thank goodness.

Kelly also came in today to help which was great as we were a bit worse for wear after EB's Birthday dinner last night, we only realised at midnight that the clocks had to go forward....bad timing!

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