Friday, 13 March 2009

Beautiful Wall Stickers

I cant remember if I told you but a company called Walls of the Wild said that they would donate some bird stickers for the hospital...well they arrived yesterday and they are lovely! Just waiting for a frieze that I ordered before they agreed to donate and then I will put them up and take pics :)

Also, the freezer that Whirlpool donated arrived yesterday. The freezer room floor has been laid and the new window has been put in, next step is to lay some more of the non slip flooring and put up wall cupboards then we can move the freezers in.

Primrose the little quail with sore feet went home last night so we only have 3 little ones in there at the moment.

No accidents yesterday but I have to say, I still feel a little dazed....or is that the normal me?????

Babies doing brilliantly, when we get visitors, they fly to them and cuddle sweet is that eh? :))

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