Monday, 9 March 2009

Good Morning

Hello everyone,

Lovely sunny morning here in Norfolk.

Another crazy weekend here at the Haven, loads of people milling around, lots of work done. Hannah was in on Sunday and we had a work crew who are building a new aviary ready for a couple of Barn Owls who would like to come and live here.

Neil, now Winston, went to his forever home on Saturday. His mum and dad are lovely and Winston seems to have attached himself to them straight away. No change in either his appetite or cuddleability. Good luck little man, have a lovely life sweetie xxxxxx

Vyvian is here until Saturday when she goes to her new home. Rik of course is staying and what a little darling he is, he spent most of Sunday cuddled up in my shoulder....terrible burden to have to carry around but I managed :)

Life is already better now that the Hospital is up and running even though we still have a few jobs to do in there and we are not yet "plumbed in". Much easier having a bit of space and all the bits and bobs in one place.

We are working on the rest of the building also as we need a freezer / examination room and a toilet etc.

Current occupants of the hospital are Simon the collared dove who has wonky legs, (strapped up), Primrose the quail who will soon be going back to her proper home, the pigeon with the broken foot who is getting on great and another pigeon who appears to have flown into a window and keeps bleeding from his beak. Another few days cage rest and he should be good to go.

We got a call last night about a blackbird who has been hit by a car. He seems perky but can't stand. He/She is coming over this morning.

So...another busy week ahead!

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