Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Accident looking for somewhere to happen

Don't know what's wrong with me but I seem a bit accident prone. Yesterday, I fell over, really heavily and went face first into the patio door! I thought I might have broken the bridge of my nose but I think it is only bruised...hurt knees and wrist too...then this morning, opened the lid of the food bin where I keep wild bird and chicken feed. It is a really heavy lid and as I was bending into the bin to get food, the blessed thing fell down and cracked me on the head. Big lump and seeing stars...again.

I think the best thing for all concerned and me in particular would be for me to go back to bed and stay there!!!!!!


    Sorry you having bad time... i fell over last week too..sounds like you did more damage tho than I did. I got away with bruised hip sprained wrists and shouders that ached all week. Hope you soon mended and taking more care.
    Shame little blackbird died :(

  2. Oh yes seems we are LOL
    Must take more water with it
    Must take more water with it
    Must take more water with it
    LOL I did manage to negotiate the shops without falling over today...Phewww