Thursday, 5 March 2009

Here's Whats Happening

Sorry I haven't posted much but I have been really busy and have spoken to most of you on Camtreams anyway :)

We no know the sexes of the babies, Vyvian is a girl and the other two are boys. Since we really wanted a boy we have decided to keep Rik as he is the baby. to be known as Winston, goes to his new home on Saturday and Vyvian who is keeping her name, goes to her new home the following Saturday.

We are going to miss them very much as I know all of you are but they have got lovely homes to go to and I can't cope with three of the hooligans once they start flying :)

All else is going good, we have had a dove called Simon with deformed feet brought in and we are just waiting for vet opinion to see if anything can be done, also a pigeon which appears to have hit a window maybe but is otherwise fine. Another day or so of recovery and it can go free.

We are now up to 27 so far this year.

Got more good news today, Whirlpool, god bless em, have agreed to donate a freezer for the owl food. We have several very old ratty ones which use a lot of power. This is a large one an along with another couple of nearly new smaller ones that some friends have given us, we should be sorted.

Hospital is now occupied although we have a few bits and bobs to do yet. I have bought a big friexe of various birds to go on the wall and a company called Walls of the wild have also agreed to donate some individual bird decals so it should look good and pretty by the time we have all of them up.

Other good news, we have had a reconditioned computer donated to us which should be here next week and this will be used to stream the cams so those of you who watch them will be pleased to know that their should be no more system crashes!

Just a thought, we keep being asked if we have any video's of the babies and other critters. We don't as we don't have a camcorder. If any of you out there have one that you don't use, we would be grateful for it please.

Thats all for now, have to do the dishes since it is the maid's year off!

Wayhay......Just this second got a call from Numatic to say that they are donating a Henry Vacuum cleaner for the hospital.....OMG it all seems to be coming together all of a sudden.

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky....humms off into the kitchen to do dishes with silly grin on face.

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