Sunday, 1 February 2009

Thanks Eva

Thanks to Eva on camstreams, we have a whole load of pics of Vivian hatching.

I have put one up and will pop a slideshow on tomorrow.

Too tired tonight trying to get #2 out of her shell


  1. OM
    You did a great job. Thnakyou for sharng on your cam. We wish only the best for the last two eggs. Anxious to see more pics of Viv and#2.
    Bassbug says good job.
    Thanks again

  2. I am tired too. I am a member of Polish forum, where number of people, birds lovers watch and write mainly about storks. However we are interested in other birds. All of us were very interested in, how it will be going on tonight with an egg number 3 I think. So I was sitting in front of the screen of my computer, in order to have a chance to inform my collegues how it was. I have also recorded few short videos, made some screenshots and all is now on our forum
    Thank you Owlmomma for your hard job and sleep well if you can. Best Regards from Poland. From Iwona