Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Arrival

#4, aka Rik arrived in the world yeasterday afternoon, weighing in just over 15 gms.

She also had a difficult hatching but seems fine now. We put her in with Vivian and Neil this morning and she looks so tiny compared to them.

She will have her first feed at 2.30 pm. The other two are eating well and packing on the weight, both over 28 gms this morning.

Everyone else at the Haven doing well, I still have a bit of flu but getting better each day.

In other news, the driveway has now been laid, looks a little muddy but as the rain washes it, it will get better.

We had the non slip flooring laid in the hospital yesterday and it looks brilliant. EB is going to fit the new window today, we had some donated and we have painted stained glass pictures on them so hopefully they will look pretty.

Skirting to go on next, then units, still trying to beg some worktop and tiles for the kitchen but it is getting closer to being finished every day.


  1. Fantastic news! Glad you're getting better, and Rik looks beautiful.
    Great windows.
    Hannah xx

  2. Love the windows, you both did a very good job on them. And what lovely pics of babies, so sweet...
    love OB