Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Duck News

Mildred is doing really well, she came from a farm where the ducklings (specifically large breed) are culled at five weeks old for meat. Mildred was rescued because she had some twine around her leg which was removed and she has made a complete recovery. However, there are three more on the farm, deemed not large enough!

Well the good news is that the lady that rescued Mildred is also going to rescue the other three tonight and I have found a lady who lives not too far away and has two large ponds who is going to take all four!! HOWZAT?

Everyone else is fine, babies are divine and the gull who I thought had lost it's eye, now looks as if it hasn't. Still not sure if he will be able to fly, assuming he survives his other injuries but it is a start.

Not much happened on the hospital the last few days as we have been busy with lots of other stuff. The worktops which were supposed to be coming today are now not arriving until Thursday.

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