Sunday, 22 February 2009

Busy Old Week

It seems to have been a chaotic week,.

Babies are doing really well, Vyv and Neil can walk now and have just started to pounce on things.
Rik is coming on in leaps and bounds, I think it helps having the older ones to learn from.

Unfortunately, we lost little squiffy duckling. :( He just went to sleep and didn't wake up but the longer he was here, the more it became obvious that there was something really wrong with him, so maybe it was for the best, still sad though. Katherine who took the otherthree ducklings has emailed to say they are doing fine and sent some pics which I will put on the blog.

We had another gull brought in, this one had been hit by a tractor and his wing was hanging off. He has been to the vet and had the rest amputated and the wound stitched and seems to be doing really well. He will obviously be a stayer.

Hospital is coming on really well, in fact I am sitting in there at the moment typing this while EB is staining beams. Another week and the birds should be in here. Georgie loves it in here, he is sitting on the desk at the moment watching me type. The worktops and the rest of the wall tiles should have arrived this week but the guys couldn't make it so we are keeping our fingers crossed for Tuesday, that is all that is holding us up really. Once tiles are on and worktops fixed, good clean and we are there.

Hannah was in today and Kelly (duck rescuer extrordinaire) came in for the day to help too. Brilliant, we got a lot done although they did most of the grafting.

Kelly....sorry, I forgot to pay you for the milk!!!!!!!!! Will give it to you next time.

Everyone else is fine, little pidgy/dove is now outside in the aviary with the stock doves, two of which are sitting on eggs already. I have switched them for dummy ones though.
We still haven't found anvone to collect the dovecotes from Lincolnshire but I still live in hope.

Other gull is doing really well and he didn't lose his eye after all. Another couple of days and we will test fly him, if ok, he will be released.

Right, off to do a pizza for tea....its only 9.00 ! :)

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