Sunday, 15 February 2009

Busy Busy

thinks hotting up, we had another black headed gull brought in Saturday, looks like an RTA, lost an eye and damaged a wing. Looks a bit better today.

Also a three week old duckling, I think an American Black which are huge. Size of a shoe box already, she is called Mildred and is doing really well.

Dove/ Pigeon from the other day is doing really well, she can perch now so she should be ok.

Today we had a heron brought in, totally emaciated, not sure that she will make it, she is so weak. I am having to put a tube down her throat and giving her re-hydration fluid and tiny bits of pilchard.If she makes it through the night she will stand a better chance I think.

Babies are doing very well, plump and healthy.

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