Monday, 17 August 2009


Forgot to say, the Rikster is fab. he spends his days in his aviary and the pops through the window in the evening and spends his time alternating between preening and kissing us and dive bombing everything in sight.

Georgie has had to go into an outside aviary as he is extremely....shall we say.... "in breeding condition" and wants to mate with everything, humans, cats, dog...he really isn't fussy. The thing of it is though, we tried putting him with Lucy, another barnie and he doesn't know how to do it, just kept beating her up !!!!!


  1. Funny you should say that as Winston (aka Neil) seems to have this mad period every night at 10pm exactly when he goes flying through the house like a maniac! we call it hurricane Winston time and have to remove all breakables from his path!

    other than that he is doing absolutely fine! still very cute and popular with all our friends! he is getting brave as well and often goes exploring everywhere, hes so small though that we often find him under furniture having a snooze! will send more pictures when i get chance! love Winston xxx

  2. Hi Kirsty,

    thanks for the update on Winston and really happy you are enjoying having him. If you send pics, I will put them on the blog for everyone to see

    OM xx